Leon D. Peters

Leon D. Peters

Bloomfield, CT, US


neo arch. school

Architecture Dialogue, deriving from the philosophy of the Socratic Method, is believed to be the primary tool in achieving truth through design in the neo arch. school.   Through the use of multimedia, ranging from diagrams to model making, students will explore various problems in attempts to solve through design.  Architecture Dialogue is an intense and imperative process between the student and their explorations to render truth by research, intervention and revision.  Dialogue will allow both students and professors to critically think and identify possible solutions and realizations of existing truths in architecture.

The neo arch. schools program is designed to support an adequate learning and working facility for graduate students pursuing a post graduate degree, Masters of Architecture.  The neo arch. school consist of two primary studios; first and second year.  The first and second year graduate years are given the three options of focus; Abstract Theory, Tectonic Pragmatics & Design Technology.  Facilities will promote a positive and constructive learning environment conducive of extensive material research and testing, theory, design build and vernacular green design.

The school will also support a Masters of Architectural History program, aligning with concept of the Socratic Methods and classical theory, the neo arch. school’s belief is an understanding of the past will improve construction of the future.

We were given the task of creating a separate space for the graduate student to accommodate the growth of the Hampton University’s architecture department into an independent architecture school.  The neo arch. school is a modern urbanism study exploring classic architecture concepts and theories.  Neo arch. is about illustrating the ideals of the past and molding the present concerns intertwined with the prospective needs.  This was done through the use of various studies defined by architect Kevin Lynch, the Image of the City, exploring paths, edges, districts, nodes and landmarks.

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Status: School Project
Location: Hampton, VA, US
My Role: Designer