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Shanghai, CN


Liva Riverside Book Bar Reconstruction of East China Normal University

Between Memory and Hope

——Liva Riverside Book Bar Reconstruction of East China Normal University (ECNU)

Liva Riverside Book Bar Reconstruction

Shanghai, China

For ECNU, Liwa River is the mother river, and the carrier of campus memory. Alumni have always buried the love for it deeply in their hearts.

Site Location

The renovation project locates along the riverside, the core of teaching buildings area and the centerline of the campus. The warehouse for building materials was in idle or abandoned. The structure of the Chong’er Pavilion nearby is well maintained, but the space is not opened and less active. Besides, landscape resources are barely utilized, thus the whole place is not functioning.

Concept & Multiple Function Placement

During renovation, the surrounding space has been combined. With the existing architectural structure being kept, new functions such as reading, displaying, tea drinking and relaxing are created to satisfy different needs from students, teachers, civilians and other groups. Through conversion of the space from transition to staying, the banks along the Li’wa River have been greatly upgraded.

Bookbar Reconstruction

L2 is partially expanded and a glass house is added at the entrance, which enlarges the whole space. In terms of function planning, L1 broadens the river view when coffee, tea and snack are provided inside the open space. On the other side, partial mezzanine is added under the slope roof, creating a private space for thinking and reading.

Chonger Pavilion  Reconstruction

During the renovation of Chong’er Pavilion, the space is again broadened, by keeping the body as much as possible while demolishing the existing glass door and windows. Through fold-line treatment, the base is decorated and remade as a sculpture, symbolizing the boat of the glorious history of ECNU and an ever-illuminating water lantern floating on the river.

The Use of Architectural Language & Materials 

Extracting and transforming the features of existing slope roof of the teaching faculty maintain the unity of overall space and create specialty and continuity of the fond memory for the original space by texture, size and details of new materials.

The grey zone at the entrance transfers single space to a space of planes. The glass house proportionately shrinks the existing gable and connects the existing building with steel structure by a virtual space. Hollow-out bricks make the building and surrounding environment harmonious and fun.

Route Reachable & Space Continuity

For accessibility, the renovation concept is based on harmony of architecture and landscape. Through fold-line footpaths, the renovated study blends well with Chong’er Pavilion and cedar. Adding waterside platform, sun loungers and partial sunken square, the whole space is fully utilized. Right next to one side of the study, a public open space is added to break the dullness and create coziness. Fold-line paving is used in the walk path inside the building, making the space in consistency.

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Status: Built
Location: Shanghai, CN
Firm Role: Architect Design
Additional Credits: Project Archives

Project name丨Liva Riverside Book Bar Reconstruction of East China Normal University
Location丨Liva Riverside,East China Normal University ,Shanghai
Client丨East China Normal University,CIFI
Architecture丨Lacime Architects
landscape desig丨Lacime Landscape
Interior design丨mohen-design
Chief Architect丨 Song Zhaoqing
Client Team丨Xiao yanhang, Lin junyi, Li junjie, Sun shiyu
Design Team丨 Li sheng Shi zheyu Li yingchao Liu yueyi Ou xing   
Landspcae Team丨 Zhang yi Hongbenqiang Xie weifeng Wang xiaoyan Wu beili Chen jie
Interior Team丨Zhao muhuan Wang yingjian Duan zhenni
Site area 丨388㎡
Photography丨Zhang qianxi Xu zhe