Leslie Valverde Ayers

Leslie Valverde Ayers

New York, NY, US


Adventure Competition Club

When did the Earth become so small? Technology provides an abundance of information, eliminating the adventure and mystery the Earth once held for explorers. Through the 21st century, satellites and cameras record data every second - movements are tracked and every street is mapped. With the abundance of information and rise in population, the world becomes smaller. When the known world can no longer become unknown, the collective understanding of it changes - Earth becomes an Arena. A highly complex global game of capture-the-flag is staged. With technology at their fingertips, teams build a capsule to be discovered at an unknown time and place; a curated adventure. 

“We now know most things that can be measured in this world, except the bounds of human ambition!” 

― Jules VerneThe Adventures of Captain Hatteras

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Global
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Partner: Kristina Buchler