Scott Strozier

Scott Strozier

Houston, TX, US



Scott Strozier

5611 Hazen St. Houston TX 7708
Mobile Phone: 713-898-0044 | Email: [email protected]

To obtain an entry level position, where I can use my skills and knowledge as a recent Electrical Power and Engineering Technology graduate directed at product development and improvement.  I have worked in research laboratories tasked with conducting experiments of different materials under high vacuum, recording and analyzing data, and in preparing and testing fracturing fluids. I am versed in technical and mechanical design and have knowledge in Microsoft office software and programing software for mechanical systems and robotics. With unpaid experience in electrical design and circuit board construction and repair.

University of Houston, Houston TX
Bachelor of Science in electrical Power and Engineering Technology.
Relevant Courses: Intro. C++ Lang Programming, Electrical Circuits, Poly-phase Circuits and Transformers, Digital Circuits, Electrical Machines, PLC’s, Power Distribution, Electrical System Protection, Power Converter Circuits, Alternate Electrical Energy Sources, Control Systems and Microprocessor Architecture.
Graduated Dec. 2012

Drawing and electrical, mechanical, architectural and technical design both by hand and using computer design software.
Experience in maintenance and repair for office and manufacturing machines as well as assembling circuits and various machinery.
Experienced with safety and proper procedures to be used in laboratories conducting research in experimental chemicals and materials.
Familiar with various Microsoft software including: Office, Visio, Excel, and Word. Other software programs include C++, Matlab and Access 2010.


2006-2013 -- Robert W. Strozier PLLC, Assistant
Managing file content for intellectual property law practice as well as storing and retrieving necessary files when they are required.
Copying documents and letters and putting them either with files or to be sent to respected client.
Maintenance and repairs for copier, computers and whatever else required.
Summer 2010 -- Center for Advanced Materials, Research Assistant
Collecting data on experimental polymers and writing information into graphs and reports.
Maintaining and collecting Research data through working with pressure control, vacuum pumps and temperature control devices.
Using acids to prepare experimental polymers for research project. 
Summer 2011 -- Weatherford, Internship
Mixing different chemical formulas, experiments and maintenance in Frack Lab.
Experiments and Documentation of the corrosion and viscosity properties of metals and oils.



University of Houston, Houston, TX, US, Bachelors, Electrical Power and Engineering Technology

Jan 2007 - Dec 2012

Areas of Specialization