Kelly Yuen

Kelly Yuen

New York, NY, US


North of 60

Over the past few centuries, the Arctic has been increasingly exploited for its vast deposits of natural resources. Its strategic location has turned this region into a polictical hot-bed and these conflicts have immediate repercussions to both the land, indigenous peoples, and wildlife in the area. Yet, to most people around the world, these conflicts remain invisible. This project explores the creation of a collaborative center for Arctic mapping which houses Google, international monitors, and academic fellows - all of whom are interested in the monitoring and distribution of information about the Arctic to the rest of the world. The architecture explores the concept of soft boundaries which encourages collaboration between user groups while creating spaces that respects the need for dedicated zones for constituents. The theme of the studio incorporates light strategies that are intergral to the process of form making, material choice, and programmatic invention.

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Status: School Project