Kelly Yuen

Kelly Yuen

New York, NY, US



The consequences of large scale mining often outlast the lifespan of the industry. Over the last fifty years, the mining town of Centralia has witnessed an underground mine fire that is projected to burn well into the next century. This project is primarily concerned with utilization of the fire as an energy source for an architectural program that becomes the seed for resettlement post disaster. While initially the nature of the fire was sporadic, this project will explore a combinatory strategy that harnesses the latent energy into a predictable and constructive force to be metabolized by the architectural programs. The manifestation of an agricultural industry becomes the physical trace of the fire which otherwise, remains invisible. This thesis will explore the lifecycle of industrial remediation through the lens of thermal transfer as part of a broader architectural narrative that ultimately aims to address the possiblities latent in postindustrial landscapes.

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Status: School Project