Juan Carlos Leal Rojas

Juan Carlos Leal Rojas

Caracas, VE


The mall

Archt. Juan Carlos Leal Rojas
Professor Tutor: Ana Lasala
Altamira, Caracas Venezuela
Universidad Central de Venezuela/Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo
Last Project: The Mall.

Today our society is changing, how changing the city and the person, the territory is in a constant struggle between public and private, we have a increasingly  private spaces and an exaggerated demand for public spaces, this is the metropolitan condition  for today so inhospitable, has made much of the demand of the common area has developed into a kind of hybrid place between public and private: the mall.

In much of the success of shopping centers is that the diversity of services that they offer, are the same programs that we can found in the street, but clustered in a single building that also ensures, through a condominium , maintenance and site security.

Understanding that there is a mall model works and the sensitivity to be implanted in a place like South Altamira, is looking for an opportunity to rethink the mall model, to generate a shopping center space and commercial work, but that others is an enriching experience for the urban space.

Given the importance of this area on a metropolitan scale, takes into account not only the possibility of generating the commercial program, but also provides for the importance of creating a cultural space that leverages the new activities proposed for the area.

The complex is housed to generate a new landmark in the city, either by its presence in height that allows viewing from a distance, or, by the way it seeks to enter the site. The shape of the building emerges from the constraints of site and program, wanting to take advantage of the visual to the Avila and interconnections to Stay Park and Barrio La Cruz, interacting with the landscape and nature, thereby seeking to generate a scale appropriate to the measure of man and seeks to create diverse public spaces for meeting and meeting of different qualities.
I changed the program and the natural slope of the site define a square floor trying to tie to the current Plaza Francia, which serves as a prelude to the theater and the shopping center.

Program were stratified according to the logical intentions of the project.
Public space "plaza" is a continuation of the Plaza Francia in Altamira, rising on its way to negative slope. This space functions as a great vantage point north to La Estancia and Barrio La Cruz through the interstices left by buildings. Below this large deck Plaza, Box Business is local to develop both the street as its center. South of the plot stands an office tower that leaves air between the British and the latter, recognizing the vertical space of both towers. The plots proposed on the facades of the tower, are based on the modulation of the fabric of the floor of the Plaza Francia which extends to the new plaza, which serves as the theater foyer, facilitating its use independently.


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Status: School Project
Location: Caracas, VE