Juan Carlos Leal Rojas

Juan Carlos Leal Rojas

Caracas, VE



Architect and artist, Juan Carlos Leal Rojas was born on January 27 1987. Caracas, Venezuela.

Leal Attended primary and secondary schools in Caracas, from eight of six he attended to different courses of computers, arts and crafts in different institutes, where he began his formal instruction in draw and painting. When he was eighteen, he enrolled in the Architecture school in the Universidad Central de Venezuela, where is forming like a contemporary architect understanding the social problems and giving Solutions for those. In January of 2007, his family took advantage to send him to Toronto, Canada as an exchange student.

On November 2008, Leal won a first place of design and digital image contest sponsored for the Universidad Experimental Simon Bolivar, on 2010 the architect Miguel braceli and him were in a architecture contest disigning a cultural space and a school of music for the sinfonic.

He stared to work with two architects, in the Town Hall of Caracas, doing littler projects ward Maria Tereza Novoa Architect, then the foundation Simon Rodriguez proposed him a work as an illustrator of planes, where he worked  a partial time.
He worked for Miguel Braceli and G3 Expresiones, Now is working for Bisa Urbana in Caracas


Bisa Urbana, Caracas, VE, Architect


Jun 2011 - current


Universidad Central de Venezuela, Caracas, VE, MArch, Architect

Jan 2005 - Jul 2011



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