Josep Garcia Villanueva

Josep Garcia Villanueva

Barcelona, ES



Challanges  move me. As a creative  architect  and designer, I’ve  developed  3D  software  skills  as  a potential to  assist  and  advice on  any ongoing  or  competition  projects.  I provide real time  visualization  with  the  purpose  to  help  our team to perfect  the  concept,  materiality, landscape  and  interior  design.  From  hand-sketches  concepts  to  final  realistic  computer  generated  imagery,  my  role  lies  in  the  global  process of a project.



Bizionar, Madrid, Architect, Interior Designer & CGI

My role in this company is project manager as a part time member of the organization. I deal with my assigned projects' clients and I organize, distribute and produce realistic computer generated imagery in order to provide an interactive circuit through the building. All our work is 3D based and shown through Bizionar's app available on iPhone, iPad, android and computer.

If you want to know more about Bizionar, don't forget to visit our page:

Jan 2017 - current

Phrame Design, Barcelona, ES, Co-founder, CEO, Communication Manager & CGI

Besides dealing with the role and tasks of a CEO such as client relationship, website development, social media, interviews, online courses, economic projection, expenses and profits, relationship with external suppliers, ... I was not only a CGI (3D designer) but also an architecture designer specialized in materiality, structure, facades, vegetation and urban planning. In other words, I gave council on the overall look of the building externally as well as internally with deep knowledge of the project's concept and the architect's intentions so, I did not only produce the image per se, I also helped on taking important decisions of the projects I intervened at.

I left Phrame after a year of its foundation, and the numbers were the following:
- 1404 followers on Facebook (Phrame Barcelona)
- 1680 followers on Instragram (@phramebarcelona)
- 3782 followers and over 26951 views on Behance (Phrame Barcelona)

I had over 20 clients, some of them were small companies (10-20 employees), others medium sized (50-100 employees), others big (100-500 employees), and some of them were huge companies (1000-5000 employees).

Please find some of my clients listed below:
COPCISA, Barcelona, Spain.
ACCIONA, Madrid, Spain.
MESURA, Barcelona, Spain.
GRAVITY, Calgary, Canada.
RNDSQR, Calgary, Canada.
MANO ARQUITECTURA, Barcelona, Spain.

MIR ( - During the last three weeks of the NCN competition, my work was to guide Norwegian visualization studio towards the mood and atmospheres we wanted to transmit through the overall pack along with the tight schedule and coordination of the photographer.

Dec 2015 - Apr 2017

Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura, Barcelona, ES, Architect & CGI

Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura (RBTA) develops urban design, masterplans for emerging cities, landscaping, interior design, big public and private buildings such as airports, stadiums, ...

My role in the company as junior designer was to help the project manager, and usually Ricardo Bofill as well, to design in real time a realistic 3D model of the project, providing as well knowledge and solutions for any facade, material, technologic, structural and/or distribution issues we could encounter. In addition to that I also produced many of the final realistic computer generated imagery.

The project that influenced me the most was the Nou Camp Nou competition in which we worked on a proposal for the rehabilitation of F.C.Barcelona's stadium. Our project was one of the eight finalists.

Feb 2015 - Apr 2016


University Ramon Llull La Salle, Barcelona, ES, BArch, Graduate in Architecture

Sep 2009 - Nov 2016


Nou Camp Nou Stadium, Barcelona, Nomination

Issuer: Futbol Club Barcelona

FINALIST: RBTA's new F.C.Barcelona’s Stadium proposal is a catalyst for the urban development of Barcelona, and especially for the neighborhood of Les Corts. By means of its scale the NCN appears as a monument in the district, yet planned on a domestic and human scale. This much needed balance will be achieved through a cautious and sensitive approach to every single angle of the site as we come near and enter the Stadium.

The NCN is a large bowl for 105,000 spectators that must guarantee maximum comfort and the best sightlines. The remodelling project involves improving and complementing the outstanding existing structure by Mitjans. The roof as a light, integrative cover, symbolically displays the Cross of Saint Jordi.

From the inside, a transparent skin allows for the creation of balconies and destinations at different levels that can be visited 24/7, offering commanding views of the sea and the mountains and of the city’s most iconic buildings.

It will become the largest Stadium in Europe offering an exceptional atmosphere.


220 11th Avenue, New York, 2nd Place

Issuer: Monian Group

FINALST: RBTA's project works as a urban magnet will perfectly integrate within West Chel­sea’s urban tissue, reflecting the district’s vibrant cultural activity. The project will provide an attractive mix of 71 condominium residences and a gallery /museum area distributed over three floors, featuring soaring 20-feet ceilings. Wrapped up in a glass facade, the building’s podium extends the gallery/museum area into the public realm.

The high-efficiency scheme guarantees maximum layout flexibility and easy construction.


MSC Headquarters, Barcelona, 1st Place

Issuer: MSC Cruises

WINNER: RBTA's proposal is a transparent glazed building perfectly placed in the site in order to respond the day to day circulation of buses, taxis, and cars together with the huge cruises arrivals and departures. The internal circulations are meticulously designed as well as the distribution of the program along with the general "tree" structure of the building.


Mar de la China, Barcelona, 3rd Place

Issuer: Construmat

THIRD PRICE: Cop d'Idees' proposal for the Construmat most efficient housing complex award was delicate and smart. The innovative roof system Plou i fa Sol, which not only worked as a solar panel but also as a water heater, and the architectural three volume concept used to resolve the topography were two important factors of the project's success.


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