Jonathan Lee

Jonathan Lee

Los Angeles, CA, US


HBEER (House Boats to Energy Efficient Residence)

With the utilization of the passive house strategy, this building is aided in getting closer to achieving the goal of a dollar a day for its total utility costs. There are five elements of a passive house. The first of which is the airtight layer that prevents the movement of cold air into the house. This layer is made up of the OSB sheathing with all the seams taped on the exterior of the home. The second is little to no thermal bridging. This helps prevent the passage of thermal radiation through the building envelope and reduces condensation on the interior of the wall. The third is a massive amount of insulation. Insulation is essential for controlling the interior temperatures of the building. The fourth is the HVAC system. It takes the exhaust air out of the kitchen and bathroom and brings in the fresh air from the outside. Finally, the heat exchanger transfers the temperature of the exhaust air into the incoming air at a rate of 98% efficiency. The combination of these five elements is what makes the passive house work.

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Status: School Project
Location: Lexington, KY, US