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Palm Springs

The mixed-use project consists of a 200-metre class-A office building, a six-star Falmont hotel, 384 luxury residential units and a boutique shopping center. The floor height is 4.1 meters for the standard floor, 6 meters for the 30th, 38th and 41st floor that best serve for corporate purposes. It incorporates a large space structure-column free design that increases space efficiency and flexibility. The project also has a 150mm raised floor system, which is convenient for comprehensive wire distribution. To accommodate with energy saving and safety requirements, the project employs PVDF coating, aluminum alloy and insulated LOW-E glass curtain wall systems. The lobby is characterized by elevated 11-meter atrium space and six-star standard luxury interiors. 20 high-speed elevators run separately at the low, medium and high zones. Central air conditioning system is adopted with separate ventilation system. Dual power supply with internal electricity generation units, as well as 5-A level intelligent configurations are also equipped in the building.

The design is modern and clean with a classic twist. The exterior is characterized by a classic 3-section configuration with vertical lines that modestly embellish the project, which incorporates art-deco style design elements. Palm Spring intends to strike a balance between modern design language and classic ornamental style with minimized embellishments set merely on the project’s top and on close-up details. The wall itself adopts modern design language with an emphasis on the contrast between solid and glass curtain walls. Light color stone, stone-like paint, clear glass and silver window lattice are largely used to convey the project’s elegant, cultural, high-quality as well as modern characteristics. Palm Spring, with its modern conciseness and human details, is presented as a miniature of Chengdu’s overall impression and scale.

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Status: Built
Location: Chengdu, CN