JMD Design

JMD Design

Sydney, AU


Paddington Resovoir

Walter Read and John Thompson Reserve provided a unique opportunity to interpret part of Sydney’s heritage and to create an intriguing and engaging public open space.


The landscape design reinforces the legacy of the reservoir in its partially ruined state by maintaining a simple grassed area on the eastern roof portion and creating an accessible `Sunken Garden’ in the ruined western chamber. Hardscape materials in the landscape will be a simple reflection of the existing and remnant structure’s masonry, timber and iron construction. The `Sunken Garden’ announces itself to the street level with an emerging canopy from below. The garden takes advantage of the reservoir’s unique microclimate and solar access through the use of sub-tropical plant species, lush rainforest planting and ponds punctuating the space. The garden is accessible around the perimeter by a raised boardwalk  and internally through a networks of stepping stones. The garden zones will be irrigated by collected runoff from both the upper level park and lower garden. Water will be stored in tanks below the boardwalk allowing the rich mixture of plant species to maintain vigorous growth all year.

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Status: Built
Location: Paddington, AU