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Jacaranda Park

Jacaranda Park lies within the proposed Glenmore Ridge residential development in the Penrith City Council LGA, Western Sydney. Jacaranda Park provides a range of active and passive recreational activities for existing and future residents. The landscape design for Jacaranda Park encompasses Environmentally Sustainable Design in the site planning, design and selection of high quality and robust materials. The natural landform of the site has been retained and utilised where possible, reducing the requirements for cut/fill and removal of spoil. The existing pathways and garden beds to the NE Existing mature trees have been retained where possible with the use of retaining walls, while open expanses of grass are also retained keeping the landscape character of the region. The playground caters for a range of age groups with inclusion of both play equipment and informal nature play areas. Walls have been used in Jacaranda Park to provide structure and amenity and to retain existing mature trees. Seating walls are located at the top of the hill, adjacent the playground and form the grass terraces of the Northern slope. The concrete finish is enhanced with a random scattering of sandblasted and painted relief patterns of site relevance.

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Status: Built
Location: Glenmore Ridge
Firm Role: Lead Consultant's