Jim Cameron

Jim Cameron

New York, NY, US

New side yard development
New side yard development
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The Richmond Health Center, NYC

The Richmond Health Center is a 40,000 SF steel framed and masonry building constructed in 1936 in the Art Deco style under the Works Progress Administration. The project’s objective was to create a state-of-the-art public health facility within the skeleton of an eighty-year-old structure. The project combined interior gut rehabilitation and exterior envelope restoration. The interior programming and re-design created new modern clinical suites, day care facility and numerous office and public service areas. The building’s exterior was in poor condition and a full menu of masonry restoration design was undertaken. ADA accessibility was achieved and  ramps were added and incorporated into a newly landscaped site. The building became bike-friendly with new covered bike storage areas which added visual interest to the side yards and helped to unify the site and building. As a critical facility the building was ungraded with full-load EM generation utilizing a newly constructed side yard vault. The building was enlarged at the penthouse level yo provide new elevator equipment and mechanical rooms, along with expanded office space.I was responsible for the exterior restoration, interior design and for the day-to-day management of the multidisciplinary design team. The client was NYC DDC who represented the building owners, DOHMH. NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation were a secondary tenant and a portion of the interior was programmed and designed to suite their needs. As an NYC project LEED silver certification was required and this was achieved with Gold a distinct possibility. The project is currently awaiting funding. 

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Staten Island, NYC
My Role: Project Manager/Architect
Additional Credits: Ammann and Whitney, Alan Denker RA