Hesam T. Rostami

Hesam T. Rostami

Toronto, ON, CA


FORM vs UNIFORM - Generative Chicago BRT Stations

Conducted by The Chicago Architectural Club and Chicago Architecture Foundation, NEXT STOP competition sought to integrate innovative and compelling transportation design into Chicago’s urban fabric.

This competition asked for proposals that realize BRT as a system of solutions: each design team must submit designs for three different prototype sites and demonstrate how BRT station design can be adapted to each context

Our design seeks a way to meet two completely opposite desires came out of the Public Transit Rider Survey. While most of the people of Chicago preferred bus stops to be designed completely unique to each neighborhood, people with limited abilities prefer a more uniform design.

This approach uses an almost uniform functional pattern to reduce the ambiguity and extra construction and maintenance expenses, while by generating an array of forms out of different topological variation of a simple wooden surface allows to create distinct formal alternatives, tailored to each site, to preserve the vivid polyphonic culture of the city.

Wooden strips shape the roof, entrances and structure of each stop while glass envelopes provide roof and shelter from precipitations and increase visibility and safety accordingly. To provide sunshades in warm seasons the width and density of wooden strips changes in a relation to the location and orientation of each bus stop. 
There are solar panels on top of roof installed on automatic operable windows to let the breeze blow in during warm seasons. 

These panels generate a portion of the power needed to run the amenities including ticket machines, real time arrival screens and sliding glass doors. These doors along with heat lamps installed in the ceiling can warm up the stations during the cold seasons. 
Bike racks are also installed at the rear of each bus stop to be accessed easily for people who want to combine public transit with riding their bikes.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Chicago, IL, US
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Bahareh Atash