Hesam T. Rostami

Hesam T. Rostami

Toronto, ON, CA


EXPO 2017

The goal in this single stage international invited competition was to design Expo 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan. The main theme of expo 2017 is energy for future, so different forms of energy with sustainable sources shaped the primary design idea.

The core concept focuses on Expo’s goal of gathering people from around the world to celebrate a common cause and themes. Rather than spread Expo out across the site, as so many such events have done, we have taken a different path.

Inspired by the age old tradition of the meeting of nomadic communities we have brought together all Expo activities and services into single, united place; with all roads and paths leading from around the city, country and world beyond to the centre of the site.

This united place develops as a fluid extension of the ground plane of the city; growing into grand, curving shapes that envelope a gathering place for nations and people. 

This move symbolizes the nomadic life of Kazakhs (and their shelters) and the social interconnectivity of life in our digital age… a signature landmark that becomes a true place to gather. 

The total land area of the site is 173.4 ha; which includes 25.0 ha for the Expo complex, 49.4 ha for parks and public gardens, and 100.0 ha for outside infrastructure, landscape, etc… for Expo City. 

Climatic and geographic site analysis has been taken into consideration and is a key driver in setting the design concept. 

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Astana, KZ
My Role: Co-Designer, 3D Modeler
Additional Credits: HOK, Toronto Office