Hebe Chen

Hebe Chen

San Bruno, CA, US


The Hope Community Center

Inspiring by incredible healing powers from mother nature. The design speaks to the user’s triumphant journey from lost digni-ty to redefine their life. Dignity is defined as a sense of pride in one-self, a sense of self-respect.  It flows from the nature of the human being, and being an extension of our understanding of the posi-tive values we all possess.  Dignity gives dignity, it does not grow by putting down others but rather grows when one recognizes the dignity, the inherent worth of others. As it comes from the nature of our humanity, it is the birthright of every human being. Design elements of organic patterns depict the delicate structure of the organism while Biophilic elements of raw textures and foliage re-flect the creature’s habitat. This aligns with the concept that illus-trates a newfound sense of freedom, opportunity, and well-being for the user; encouraging their ability to fulfill their highest hopes and dreams.

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Status: School Project
Location: Portland, OR, US
My Role: Interior Design