Hebe Chen

Hebe Chen

San Bruno, CA, US


Hotel Karl

Oakland stands in the shadow of San Francisco as its sister city. The metamorphosis of the fog, as it moves, changes perceptions.  The metaphor tells a story of Oakland’s journey from obscurity to clarity. Technology and economic growth have played a significant role in giving the city new life and high-lighting its vibrant art and mixed cultures.
Taking the inspiration from the way fog moves over a city’s landscape, the concept behind the high-end boutique hotel is to embrace today’s Oakland and offer people changing perspectives through its vibrant art atmosphere.
The design speaks to the user’s triumphant journey, from snuggling in a cozy blanket from fog to revelling in bright open working space. Transforming space smoothly from calm to vibrant illustrates a newfound sense of freedom in the way that getting out of the fog encourages people’s ability to dream and enjoy their extended stay in the hotel. 
The design elements mimic the behavior of fog’s tendency to roll in and its undulating patterns, now thick, now thin, now soft, now more solid, which de-pict the delicate structure while presenting changing perceptions of that structure.  

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Status: School Project
Location: Oakland, CA, US
My Role: Interior Designer