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Eppstein Uhen Architects (EUA) Milwaukee Headquarters

To accommodate a growing workforce in Eppstein Uhen Architects' (EUA) Third Ward office, the renovation increased capacity by 20% in standard and hoteling workstations and 50% in variable-sized advanced-technology conference rooms. Ergonomic furniture and sit-stand workstations adapt to individual needs, allowing greater flexibility, easy collaboration, and better alignment with the changing tools architects use. For optimal energy efficiency, all five floors were re-lamped, creating a brighter, natural aesthetic and dishwashers along with dish and flatware sets reduce use of plastic and paper products to support sustainable practices.

Accessible to all employees, the rooftop terrace addition is a multi-purpose area for work and social functions all year round with a commanding view of the Milwaukee skyline. With limited dining space in the existing building, the terrace offers a central gathering space, creating opportunities for multi-generational socialization and knowledge sharing to foster EUA’s culture. The vertical separation from the street, outdoor access and biophilic design cultivates well-being in a quiet, secluded environment.

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Status: Built
Location: Milwaukee, WI, US
Firm Role: Planning, architecture and interior design
Additional Credits: Photography copyright: C&N Photography, LLC