Eduardo Herrera

Eduardo Herrera

Miami, FL, US


The Musikerhaus, Piranesi and Chernikhov

“Musicians’House. Four musicians will live here every year, one in each quadrant.Occasionally, they will meet in the center space and make music together, underthe triangular opening to the sky. Music and mathematics and architecture.Rarely has geometry been considered so seriously in architecture, or taken tosuch poetic lengths. Clarity is not a conclusion, but the threshold to amystery that is archaic and prophetic, belonging at once to the first questionsever asked, and the last ones that ever can be asked. An epic cycle of time isevoked here, and it both exhilarates and threatens.”

RaimundAbraham believed that architecture could dictated the way that a person behavesin a space. To make this point he would argue that the way a person inhabits aloft space like the ones used by artists in New York City is radicallydifferent with the way a person inhabits an apartment that has already beensection and divided programmatically with spaces such a living room, dinningroom, etc. Raimund Abraham’s Musikerhausis a masterful exercise on combining function and program to create meaningthrough architecture.

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Status: School Project
My Role: Designer