Dawson and Clinton

Dawson and Clinton

San Francisco, CA


Divisadero Street Home

This Divisadero Street remodel project brought new life to a classic San Francisco home, revealing an elegant Victorian façade and a polished, contemporary interior. Working to blend the two styles, a simple yet elegant design was employed with specific accents to add life and a modern sensibility to the home.

Making the most of the home’s backyard was of great concern for the owner. The decking was designed to maximize the space for entertaining, and complement beauty of the landscaping. 

Traditional ornamental millwork was used throughout to match the existing wainscoting and crown molding. Rendered as a monochromatic white without any color differentiation from the interior walls, the effect is contemporary, as if it were a blank canvas with detailed articulations on its surface. Furthermore, the contrast of its dark wood floors to the home's largely white color scheme gives it a modern aesthetic.

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Status: Built
Location: Divisadero Street
Firm Role: Design and build