Dawson and Clinton

Dawson and Clinton

San Francisco, CA


23rd Street Residence

When asked by a client for a home that would stand up against the best of hotel suites, Dawson and Clinton created this Noe Valley residence. To fulfill the request, significant square footage was added to the home, and an open floor plan was used to maximize the space in the bedroom while replicating the feel of a luxury suite.

The master bedroom is designed to flow between the home’s terraces, connecting the space in a way that breaks down the relationship between exterior and interior

In renovating the bathrooms, designers worked to modernize the aesthetic, while finding space to complement the residence with improved amenities, such as a luxurious double shower.

The use of glass was prevalent throughout, as a way to bring light down into the lower levels, resulting in what is the home's most striking feature- the staircase.

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Status: Built