Christina Brown

Christina Brown

New York, NY, US


Sungei Kadut Masterplan

Sungei Kadut is an industrial estate located on the Northern edge of Singapore that contains a large portion of construction industry and manufacturing industry within the country. This masterplan re-imagines how Sungei Kadut can function within an ecological framework that is resilient, intelligent, efficient, and circular.

Through intensive workshops on circular economy, ecology and sustainability, and urban design, a framework understanding of ecological thinking and circular economy was developed for this 6km sqm site.

Circular Economy WS:
Ken Webster (Ellen MacArthur Foundation), Sann Carriere (So Now)

Ecology/Sustainability WS: Chrisna Du Plessis (University of Pretoria), and Anuj Jain (BioSea, Biomimicry Singapore Network)

Urban Design WS:
Serge Salat (Urban Morphology and Complex Systems Institute)

The project was sponsored by Jurong Town Corporation (JTC), a subgroup of the Ministry of Welfare in Singapore. The final design for this studio was presented to government officials, and exhibited at the Singapore URA.

The design work contributed to a S$650 million masterplan project for the Sungei Kadut industrial estate, and is an on-going collection of work as a part of the graduate studio.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Singapore
My Role: Masterplan Team
Additional Credits: Project Team: Samyuktha Badrinarayanan, Jhanvi Yogesh Sanghvi, Supratim Sengupta, Harsh Vardhan
Advisors: Nirmal Kishnani (NUS), Wong Mun Summ (WOHA), Herbert Dreiseitl (NUS/Dreiseitl Consulting)
In collaboration with WOHA