Chitra Mamidela

Chitra Mamidela

New York, NY, US


Upholding the Commons: An Alternative Approach to the Redevelopment of the Island of Barbuda, the island of Barbuda, part of the State of Antigua and Barbuda, is tragically confronting these challenges after it was devastated by Hurricane Irma’s 180 mph winds in September 2017, displacing its population (approximately 1,800) and destroying 95% of its structures. A year and a half later, the slow pace of recovery—island cleanup and reinvestment—has continued to frustrate the return of island inhabitants. In these pages, the goal of this conceptual design project was to set out an alternative vision for rebuilding Barbuda’s infrastructure and mobilizing a new economy, inclusive of sustainable and adaptive measures, as one potentially more aligned with the history and culture of the island.

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Status: School Project
My Role: Assistant, Copy Editor & Designer
Additional Credits: Sara Altohamy, Steven Balinsky, Daniel Blanc, Robert Bryce, Andy Chen, Joanne Guerra, Gabriel Herrera, Akshayaa Kariyakkar. Eric Knowles, Daniela Kuntz, Jeremy Latriano, Ricky Li, Elena Lisovin, Chitra Mamidela, Sophia Mojica, Katelyn Meyer, Corey Murphy, Anna Pardo, Ashita Patel, Eric Rivera, Carlina Rosario.