Cassandra Villarreal

Cassandra Villarreal

New York, NY, US



Cassandra is a recent graduate of Boston University with an undergraduate degree in Art History concentrating in architectural history.  Heavy, diverse coursework in combination with on-campus employment, various volunteer work, and extracurricular activities have helped shape and strengthen communication as well as organizational skills.

Cassandra's areas of interest lie heavily within the arts.  Studying Art History, her world views have been shifted to include looking at the finer details in scenes and situations, whether it be the dust gathered on the back corner of a chair on display to a guest returning to a painting more than once in a single museum visit.  Preserving and documenting architectural and art, particularly pertaining to furniture are Cassandra's key interests.  

Cassandra is particularly eager to begin a career working with fellow architecture lovers and those who appreciate the worth of documenting and preserving art and architecture for future generations.  Without museums and private owners sharing their knowledge, Cassandra's education in art history would not have been possible.
To allow me to begin working with you to better the future to fill it with more knowledge and more art please do not hesitate to email me at [email protected]


Boston University, Boston, MA, US, Bachelors, History of Art and Architecture with a concentration in Architecture

Sep 2012 - May 2016