Bahar Design, INC.

Bahar Design, INC.

Los Angeles, CA


Olin Ave l Los Angeles

Designer apartment complex at an affordable price – that was our proposal to a client who asked us to design a generic apartment building like thousands of others in the city. The question we asked was why build yet another undistinguished building while we are capable of designing a unique one which can be built for about the same price?  Needless to say that the client immediately agreed with us and we started the design of a three story, 6 unit, 19,000 SQ.FT apartment building on a 10,000 SQ.FT lot.

From the outside, deep three dimensional cuts in the facade of the building plays with light and shadows to create a pleasing design.  Strong and prominent horizontal lines with energizing colors are introduced to make the building look wider and create a harmony of colors and shapes.  The designer features of the building continues to the interior spaces. Wide corridors, spacious landing entrance area for each unit and designer windows on hallway in front of each door immediately gives a sense of lavishness. Large patios between units help encompass the apartments with natural light. The complex consists of one 3 bedroom townhouse with 3.5 bath, Two 3 bedroom apartments with 3.5 bath and three 2 bedroom apartments with 2.5 bath.

Our belief is that many of the attributes associated with luxury is function of good design and not necessarily cost more to build. We continue our quest and hope this building is a living proof of our viewpoint.  

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Status: Built
Location: Olin l Los Angeles
Firm Role: Architectural design services