New York, NY


OMI Rock Pavilion

Omi Rock Pavilion is a large faceted structure situated on a hilltop overlooking panoramic views of the Catskill Mountains. Operating at the intersection of art and architecture, the Omi Rock is at once a formal gesture and a space-making structure that connects the experience of viewing and inhabiting the landscape simultaneously. The formal inspiration for the piece comes from the subsurface geology of the area - the rocky outcroppings scattered throughout Omi's campus that emerge from the ground. As a constructed rock outcropping, the pavilion plays with the question of what is natural and what is artificial, inverting buried geologic mass into a soaring wireframe skeleton. From afar, the pavilion appears as a drawing on the landscape, a tracing of the site’s invisible geology. From inside, the faceted wooden structure frames views of the landscape that make it appear as the artificial backdrop for a new nature the rock manifests.

Visitors are encouraged to sit in the pavilion, experiencing it both for its form as well as its function. The wooden facets that comprise the structure will cast changing shadows and striped patterns depending on the sunlight and time of day.

On view and open to the public daily at Omi International Arts Center

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Status: Built
Location: Ghent, NY, US