Athena Balistreri

Athena Balistreri

Costa Mesa, CA, US


Martin Hall

This project provided training space for MINEWARTRACEN by renovating existing space in Building 11, by the construction of a new 19,312 square foot laboratory/classroom facility and a new swimmer vehicle tank at FASW. Also spaces were renovated in buildings 502 and 544 at SUBASE.  Renovations to Buildings 11 , 502, and 544 included partition demolition and construction, interior finishes, air conditioning installation, HVAC renovations, electrical upgrades, communications systems and security upgrades.  The Mine Lab Building provided a new building for classrooms, laboratories, high-bay laboratories and a swimmer vehicle pool.  The building included HVAC, fire protection and alarm systems. Special features included a bridge crane supporting structure, compressed air system, 400 Hz power system, anti-terrorism and force protection measures, SIPRNet, NIPRNet, and NMCI.
USGBC LEED “Gold” certification was achieved for the Mine Lab building.

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Status: Built
Location: Anti-Submarine Warfare Base, San Diego, CA