Athena Balistreri

Athena Balistreri

Costa Mesa, CA, US


Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton 41 Area Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (BEQ) site

41 Area BEQ consists of a Fitness Center/ Single Marine Center for active duty and civilian base personnel.  Also located in 41 area are Bachelor Enlisted Quarters/ Community Center and other supporting structures.  The fitness center will used by all personnel in the 41 and surrounding areas; it is a 35, 000 ft sq complex with all amenities found in a typical fitness center.  The single Marine Center is the "retreat and recreation" space for use by single enlisted Marines.  Here Marines are able to use computer workstations, play video games, record music in a full music recording studio, watch movies in a 20 person movie theater and partake in other recreation activities.  The nearby Bachelor enlisted quarters are the living units for single enlisted soldiers.  Each unit holds two soldiers in a dorm style room where they keep personal belongings and sleep.  The supporting attached Community Center allows Marines to do laundry and other light recreation activities, as well as light cooking needs.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Camp Pendleton, CA