Arnoldo Espindola

Arnoldo Espindola

Fresno, CA, US


Mixed-Use Highrise

Brief Description:
Quality living in the blooming heart of downtown San Diego.
Verdant Sky raises the bar of living with its environmentaly
friendly atmosphere and state of the art technologies.
GOAL 1- Reunite high rise living with
nature by providing pockets of
garden space.
GOAL 2- Bring a sence of community to
high rise living by providing
community spaces every 3 floors.
GOAL 3- Take advantage of northwesterly
winds to provide natural ventilation
for both hotel and condominium
Special Features:
* minimize non-renewable energy consumption;
* use environmentally preferable products;
* protect and conserve water;
* enhance indoor environmental quality; and
* optimize operational and maintenance practices.
* Vernacular Design

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Status: School Project
Location: San Diego, CA, US