Arnoldo Espindola

Arnoldo Espindola

Fresno, CA, US


Digital Media Youth Center

Digital media such as social network and video-sharing sites,
online games, and gadgets such as iPods and mobile phones are now
fixtures of youth culture. Today’s youth may be coming of age and
struggling for autonomy and identity amid new worlds for
communication, friendship, play, and self-expression.
New media forms have altered how youth socialize and learn, and
raise a new set of issues that educators, parents, and policymakers
should consider.
Existing youth centers are not providing the spaces for youth to practice
& stay on the edge of technology. They are merely providing spaces that are
outdated and unsustainable.
This thesis explores to create the spaces dedicated to providing
different forms of digital media in a fun, creative, cultural environment.
The aim of this thesis was to recover one of the most emblamatic
sites in Madrid city center, through a strategic and prominant
intervention, becaue of its splended position in the west cornice
of Madrid, a place that is a value vantage point with an impresionant
image of the city.

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Status: School Project
Location: Madrid, ES