Arianna Armelli

Arianna Armelli

New York, NY, US


Hostos Dream Project

Hostos Dream Project - January 2010 

"The mission of the Hostos Education Project is to improve the quality of education and environmental conservation within the Dominican Republic by developing a successful, sustainable school model to execute in under-served school communities within the Dominican Republic based on quality research, which is to be replicated in other parts of the world." - Hostos Education Project overview

The design requirements for this project were at the master plan scale down to the smaller spacial requirements of a classroom. While part of this project it was our teams vision to reinvent the current classroom and reinvent the interaction between student and teacher through means of design. We looked at cheaper construction interventions such as shipping containers and studied an array of space creating techniques using a modular system.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Higüey, DO
My Role: Team Leader/Designer