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Anna Sokolina

Woodbridge, CT

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Anna Sokolina is an architect, historian, and curator, founder and Chair of SAH Women in Architecture AG, also serving on advisory boards of the International Archive of Women in Architecture IAWA and Bloomsbury Global Encyclopedia of Women in Architecture (eds. Lori A. Brown and Karen Burns). Her research is focused on women’s narratives in architecture and on transformative trends in architecture that ignite a cross-disciplinary discourse. Other areas of study: Paper Architecture, architecture and utopia, architecture and spiritual science, architecture genealogies of memory, recent century built environments in the US, Europe, and Russia.

First independent woman curator from post-communist Moscow (1992–94) she brought Paper Architecture exhibitions under contract with Moscow Association of Junior Architects, to Germany and France with support by Senate Berlin, Grün Berlin GMBh, École d’architecture de Strasbourg, and Bürgerhaus Gröbenzell; and was first female lecturer from Russia invited by the European Academy of the Urban Environment EA.UE Berlin in cooperation with UNESCO in the Program “Sustainable Settlements”; in 2016–20 she served as the first SAH Liaison elected to SHERA Board.

Sokolina holds a PhD in Theory and History of Architecture and Landmarks Preservation (1992) from VNIITAG, the branch of Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences. She graduated from Moscow Institute of Architecture (1980) and New York University SPS (2001), interned at Guggenheim Museum New YorkCooper-Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, and Public Design Commission of New York City at the Mayor’s Office, contributed for 9 years at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Education Department, and Morgan Library NYC, and worked as Curator of Exhibitions at Tabakman Museum in Hudson, NY. During her t-track as architecture faculty at Miami University she curated the Cage Gallery, served on Council on Diversity, REEE Curriculum Committee, and Havighurst Advisory Committee. As artist, she participated in 19 exhibitions, 5 of them at the Metropolitan Museum of Art; her 104 artworks are housed in 23 public and private collections. IAWA at Virginia Tech holds a collection of her professional records and correspondence with the IAWA Founder (Series VI), as well as over 25 collections of women architects that she solicited for the archive.

Sokolina published over 90 research papers, presented at 83 academic conferences, received 17 academic awards, and is affiliated with 14 professional societies. Among her publications—Architecture and Anthroposophy that she edited (M: KMK hardcover editions 2001, 2010, and BDN electronic publication 2019), and Milka Bliznakov Scholar Report: Life to Architecture (2019). Her book Building Utopia: Architecture of the GDR is in progress, as well as essays for other edited volumes. As editor, she initiated the anthology Routledge Companion to Women in Architecture (2021–22) and the dissertation-into-book project of the IAWA founder M. Bliznakov, In Search for a Style: The Great Experiment in Architecture 19171932.



New York University SPS, Certificate Program in Arts Administration

Department of Arts and Humanities
Study Internships:
The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum New York, Curatorial and Education Departments, Fall semester Internship 9-12/2001;
Cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, New York, Drawings and Prints Department, Peter Krueger Summer Internship 6-8/2001

Feb 2001 - Dec 2001

Central Academic Research Institute of Theory of Architecture and Urban Planning VNIITAG, PhD, History of Architecture and Landmarks Preservation 18.00.01

Thesis: “Interpreting Traditions in Architecture: East Germany 1945-1990.” Acad. adviser Prof. Dr. A.V. Ryabushin, adviser in Germany Prof. Dr. Bruno Flierl, acad. opponent Prof. Dr. A.V. Ikonnikov, opponent Dr. V.S. Tikhonov, supporting acad. institution Moscow Institute of Architecture (MARHI)

Apr 1986 - Oct 1991

Moscow Institute of Architecture MARHI, MArch, Architecture

Thesis: “New Avant-garde in Western Architecture 1970-1980: Critical Analyses of the Theory and Practice of Postmodernism.” Acad. adviser Prof. Dr. A.V. Ryabushin, advisers Profs. Dr. O.A. Shvidkovsky, Dr. A.P. Kudryavtsev, Dr. E.A. Goldzamt, Assist. Prof. Dr. V.S. Tikhonov

Sep 1974 - Feb 1980


Milka Bliznakov Scholar, Nomination

Designation 2016-18 for research project "Life to Architecture: Milka Bliznakov Academic Papers at the IAWA," by Milka Bliznakov Research Prize Jury, the IAWA Center at Virginia Tech School of Architecture + Design, Blacksburg, VA,


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