Andrew Carter

Andrew Carter

Virginia Beach, VA, US

Full Overview Office Plan
Full Overview Office Plan

Let's POP-UP!

Let’s POP-UP! Design Studio.

Unchangeable workplace drives us boring and makes us lose our passion to create.

Actually, we will find that every space is not used at any moment in the office. When we sometimes don’t need them, they are still there, occupying and wasting space that is already limited. The workplace should have the alternative character.

Our propose tries creating the workplace that can be folded, can POP-UP: facilities are compactly combined on the plank pivot. By doing so, it can open up and provide the space we want and close up by the correlation of geometrical logic, like a children’s book if we want it to transfer to another space. Imaging that every day when we enter our office and face with different surprises and experiences. No more fixed place to work, everybody attempts to pop-up their own diverse workplace that is constantly varying through time and need, from the hard working and discussing in the morning, to the noon’s chatting in the expanding canteen, until a indoor football match, a golf club or even a great party in the late afternoon after all the desks and shelves are folded up. The office is a POP-UP world.

Everyone can be a designer of POP-UP workplace: by just uploading our design and share our excitement, anyone can download it, print the drawing and DIY. The most important is that it can inspire the imagination of more people to create incredible POP-UP space – it becomes a creation loop. Eventually, we are encouraged to be the master of the workplace in our life.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Long Island City, NY, US
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture