Aleksandar Gusic

Aleksandar Gusic

Beograd, CS


Green Hotel

Hotel locatin is on the corner of block 25 ( corner of the boulevard Mihailo Pupin and Spanskih boraca street) that represents centaral zone of New Belgrade. In front of the block 25 there is a Palace of Serbia which was the former seat of the Federal Executive Council (Government) of Yugoslavia and was previously known as the Federation Palace Building that extends over the 6 hectare with the 65000m2 of used space. Reaction on the context is to create a dialog between two masses. Responding to existing horizontal mass with a vertical one. Location of the project and urban fabric of New Belgrade with his high rise buildings allows us to create scyscraper with a combination of residental and comercial program. Implementing the vegetation on the higher levels of building transforms the existing horizontal into the vertical plan.

Within the present urbanization, building is not just an object standing in space, now days it is object that is taking part in large landscape panorama  where relationshps are coordinated between architecture and vegetation.

Architecture becomes something more anonymus but compositionally far happier connected to the wealth of the organic world that we all are so connected. Inplementation of organic world inside building especially on higher floors transforms the concept of New Belgrade blocks.

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Status: Built