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Le Tramway

Le Tramway
Date: 17 December 2008
Client: Pavillon de l'Arsenal
Project type: Exhibition design

The Pavillon de l'Arsenal is a space dedicated to the presentation of architectural and urban projects in the city of Paris. Le Tramway is an exhibition about the new Paris Tramway. For the last ten years a new Tramway (in addition to the existing metro system) has been under construction. Where the metro radiates from the city center, the Tramway is circular, going around Paris along Boulevard des Marechaux, a street demarcating the old city limits. Phase one of this project is completed and in use; the second phase is under construction.

Le Tramway presents both parts of the Tramway construction: the implemented and projected ones. Occupying the entire second floor, the exhibition utilizes a 1-meter tall by 100-meter long strip upon which the trajectory of the Tramway is unfolded showing the different neighborhoods it crosses and connects. There are documents which show before and after images, and provide practical information about this massive construction project.

The second floor of the Pavillon de l'Arsenal has a large central void which is traversed by a bridge. For the exhibition, AEDS wrapped this bridge with a polycarbonate skin that serves multiple functions. As one enters the space on the first floor, one perceives the polycarbonate skin suspended in the middle of the space. It serves as a focal element to capture the visitor's attention. As the visitor walks through the second floor exhibition, the polycarbonate skin becomes a visual anchor around which the 100m of tramway path unfolds. Finally, upon crossing the bridge one is enveloped by the polycarbonate skin and able to watch films about the Tramway, which are presented on monitors installed on the interior of the skin. For visitors occupying the bridge, the polycarbonate acts not only as a light and sound barrier from the main space, but also as a reflective surface which amplifies the sound within its interior.

In 2010, this project received a Divine Detail category Design Excellence Award (Award of Merit) from the AIA (American Institute of Architects) New Orleans Chapter.

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Status: Built
Location: 21, Boulevard Morlan, Paris, France