AEDS | Ammar Eloueini Digit-all Studio

AEDS | Ammar Eloueini Digit-all Studio

New Orleans, LA



Date: December 2006
Client: The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York, USA
Project type: Furniture

Part of MoMA permanent collection

Polyamide nylon, 31 1/2 x 17 5/16 x 20 1/2" (80 x 44 x 52 cm). Gift of The Contemporary Arts Council of The Museum of Modern Art. © 2009 Ammar Eloueini 

CoReFab#116_25 is one chair within a series of infinite possibilities. This chair is the result of a computer designed form which is layered with varying patterns, animated and then slowed down moment by moment or frame by frame, such as a frame in a movie or a photographic still. This frame or moment of computer-animated form is then manufactured through 3D print technology.

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Status: Built
Location: New York