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Cities have always been proud to represent monuments to its citizens and visitors. The scale of these monuments varied over time, as well as its construction methods. Many of these monuments have disappeared, some by erosion, destruction for others. Many still remain proud of their history and mark its place in history and in the urban space.

Discovery Vessels would be excellent means to monument discovery. Occasionally we builds replicas that transport us in time. In 1992 the hull of the frigate "D. Fernando II e Glória" was removed from the Tagus River where he was stranded. It was the last war Portuguese  frigate sailing. Was launche at sea in 1843. After its rescue from the waters of the Tagus was restored and exhibited at Expo 98.

This restoration activated breifely a shipbuilding industry that no longer exists. The shipyards where once stood the Naus disappeared and with them the specialized industry of timber construction.

As old industries disappear, new elements are appearing in cities. The entire industrial area of ​​Bilbao disappeared to create a new area of ​​the city related to the business and culture. Also the Port was transformed, becoming obsolete or degraded areas in key magnet for people. The house music is one such important object that helped to transform the city. This monument to culture has become an element of contagion that has influenced other important buildings that are born in the city.

The house music defines an era of change in the architecture of the city of Porto. This monument, in 2010 considered the most important building of the first decade of the twentieth century came to a historic town carry this one full of social change.

In Porto, two realities coexist, the world heritage area near ​​the river and the contemporary city we find around the historic center. This project aimed to connect both.

It is a Ludical Center with a bar and three exhibition rooms. It was designed to complete the area left inside a bridge that goes around a narow path.

It's construction methods aimed at reactivating a close by shipbuilding yard that is deactivated.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Oporto, PT
My Role: Architect