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    Secrets in the Landscape

    Goswin Schwendinger Apr 27 '14 2

    The old Pioneers of the West discovered a wild new place, 

    Trevor Paglen now uncovers invisible secrets lying in the landscape..:

    trevor paglen on secrets in the landscape


    • chatter of clouds
      May 2, 14 10:34 pm

      the old Pioneers of the West stole other people's lands and helped eradicate native peoples and their cultures. is that what you plan to do?

      Goswin Schwendinger
      May 6, 14 10:50 am

      Dear  t a m m u z , Why should we do that? We are a visual research team, surveying the lanscape experienced through the windscreens of zero emission vehicles today. Old pioneers for us would rather be Ansel Adams or Walker Evans, for that matter. The contemporary and cross referencing works of Trevor Paglen and Alec Soth bring today's discussion of how we live and (inter)act in our dear environment to the discussion table.

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