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    Another Version Minimal Surface Pavilion at Tokyo Designers Week 2011

    Deli Zhao Nov 2 '11 2

    We(Digital Fab Lab/Obuchi Lab @ Tokyo University) are participating this year’s Tokyo Designers Week and exhibiting our Minimal Surface Pavilion. This is our 6th version since we started constructing last September, and it gets better each time we reconstruct at different locations.
    Tokyo Designers Week 2011 will run for a week from November 1 to 6 at Meiji Jingu Garden near Shibuya.






    • Sjobey
      Nov 19, 11 2:21 am

      There's that bench piece I helped move. Where's my credit! hahaha. Nice work on the pavilion. Looked great, even in the rain when I visited. 

      Nov 20, 11 11:24 am

      Thanks for your help Chris.hahaha,it's true,you should be on that's so nice to meeting you in tokyo...

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