Tue Pham

Tue Pham

Austin, TX, US



Rural House Competition, 2009
Second Place


The project solves question of how to re-inhabit in the dull prospect of rapid urbanization and rural displacement. In the dull outlook of rapid so-called "countryside urbanization" and           resource depletion, that prototype must fulfill relocated farmers' exigent need  and be versatile enough to accommodate any imminent masterplanning. While remaining conscious about sustainable measures, the project emphasize on the economic aspect when offering a model of quick fabricated house, considering flexibility and  metamorhosis in case of moving, family growing or disaster. Moreover, the rural landscape integration is achieved by notion of roof-scape, where new zigsaw-like structure imitate the staggering irregular pattern of vernacular house roof. 

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: North Delta, Vietnam
My Role: Designer


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