Rita Pereira

Rita Pereira

Milan, IT


Concept “Wine & Italian lifestyle”, conversion of old factory, Alba - 41.424 sqm

The strategy was to establish a covered walkway between the Exhibition Space, Commercial Area and the school of food and wine. This concept has been extended as an important element in the axial structure of the master plan to connect with the Wine Park hotel. We suggest that this ‘ backbone ‘ could also connect the stream to the north-east of the site and mark the main entrance of the visitor with an water feature.
At the entrance of the Wine Park is assumed a second spine, perpendicular to the first, which connects the area for future expansion to the northwest, with the longest side of the complex functional and work towards Corso Asti. At the intersection of these two pins may be created by a square.
The strategy for vehicular traffic reflects these organizational principles, with service and access to visitors on opposite sides of the complex. An access service is recommended on Corso Asti, while the entry of visitors is expected from the Strada della Tagliata.

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Status: Built
Location: Alba, IT
My Role: team effort - architect


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