Raidy Luna

Raidy Luna

New York, NY, US

Raidy Luna recently worked on...

...My greeting sign every morning

My greeting sign every morning

Aug 13 '11

...Didnt know that documenting building transmittal's was so hard!

Jul 3 '11

...WOW i apply to jobs so much that i dont even know who calls me back

May 12 '11

...Display Room For Modern Gadgets

Display Room For Modern Gadgets

Apr 17 '11

...Isnt there another way of learn how to use cnc mill, aghhh its so frustrating this big clunky machine

Apr 13 '11

...Gerardy Jimenez Residential, Dominican Republic

Gerardy Jimenez Residential, Dominican Republic

Apr 11 '11

...WOW!.. Archinect 3.0 is going to be SUPER FUN

Apr 11 '11
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