Joseph Kirsch

Joseph Kirsch

Chicago, IL, US

Boaters Perspective
Boater's Perspective

Bellingham Bay Community Boating Center

The building design pays homage to the site’s rich cultural history. Its shed-like form and adaptable spaces evoke particular aspects of the maritime industry.  The ribbed trusses symbolize the ribbing and construction of historic wooden watercraft.  The linear form, open floor plan, and adaptable facade allow accommodations for a variety of activities for the Bellingham Bay Community Boating Center and Whatcom Maritime Museum.   The activities are largely split into two realms due to the railroad tracks dividing the site.  The active programs are placed on the north section of the site, where the structure extends out over the water to create an intimate relationship with the water’s edge. The more passive programs remain on the south section of the site.   The training pool alongside the building takes advantage of the natural tidal movement to keep the water clean during training sessions.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Bellingham Bay, WA