Azhar Abbas

Azhar Abbas

Dubai, AE


Cleveland Clinc AbuDhabi, Investment Council Head Quarters AD,


Worked Briefly with GT coordinating the architecture with other trades. 

Spend the rest of the time designing and Coordinating the MEP


Worked designing the mashrebia of the project. 


Value Engineering for Abu Dhabi's new airport. Redesigning the whole exterior and interior of the building to bring costs down.



Designing the architectural interiors and details for the museum. 

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Abu Dhabi, AE
My Role: Project Consulrant
Additional Credits: Samsung-sixco, ETA, Eversendai, Hyundai, AEDAS, AJN, Murray and Roberts,

ICHQ Mashrebia Open vs Closed
ICHQ Mashrebia Open vs Closed
ICHQ Mashrebia
ICHQ Mashrebia
ICHQ Mashrebai Concept
ICHQ Mashrebai Concept

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