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jens holm

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Daegu Gosan Library Competition

The Daegu Gosan Library site is situated in the heart of city of Daegu, the 3rd largest city in South Korea


The design of the library is imagined as a natural extension of local life in the surrounding area. By creating a flexible framework it sets up its main premise: defining an inviting new urban center for both people and knowledge.

The ground floor of the building is flexible and open with three public entrances allowing visitors to flow through the lounge, visitor and information center areas unobstructed. The flexible ground floor layout allows the library to host different functions throughout the year spanning from fashion shows to public readings and lectures.


The program specific parts of the building are stacked above, set back from the building façade, culminating in the main reading room and book stack areas situated at the top. This program placement reverses the traditional library model and creates unique opportunities for reading and studying in areas that are filled with light and air.

To shield the main book stack area from direct sunlight, the buildings glass roof has an integrated shading pattern that diffuses and filters light above the most sensitive book areas.


The building design takes full advantage of natural ventilation and utilizes trees to provide natural exterior shading around the building.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Daegu Gosan, South Korea
My Role: Architect


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