Robert Koshgarian

Robert Koshgarian

Los Angeles, CA, US


Work Exhibit

I am young, talented, and a recent graduate of the Southern California institute of Architecture; currently looking for Internship or full time employment. I offer any perspective Office, my consistent, dedicated and persistent professional approach to any project. Approaching opportunities in the field, with years of hands on work in a close nit professional environment. I am well versed in wide variety of design perspectives and tool.
Currently, I am seeking a challenging work experience that can both use my abilities and teach me new ones. I am interested in finding a position that can provide worldly knowledge and extensive background in the field of Architecture and art, in the context of the real world experience.
"If people only knew what I am capable of, they would step aside."
-Michael Rotondi

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Status: Built
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US


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