Robert Koshgarian

Robert Koshgarian

Los Angeles, CA, US


D - 960

 Site, “District 960”, sits between the Sci- arc building and the arts district area. The DTLA Arts District, over the years has become a close community of artist living and working here. There is some retail and commercial spaces scattered within, but the area remains dominated by the loft/apartment community.
The Arts District is developed with no relationships set in place between each property and the streets, inside and out side this area. This area sits on a fault line of a major grid transition in downtown. Each building and road exists as reminisce of the rail way dominated, industrial typology, of the past.  Each building has converted individually to accommodated the changing condition and has left the district with a contemporary vision of the mid evil city grid. 
District 960, looked to address this community make up and become apart of what can now be called, “ The Arts District Triangle” or “The Area of lost artistic Children.” It did this through the focused attention to forces acting upon the site. Properties adjacent and parallel, such as, facades and transit ways; all provide a visual and physical impact on the site. Beginning the development of the sites massing with attention to local geometries and forces helped shape the almost organic volumes. Attention to the possible corridor connections between each existing property, through “District 960”, helped reinforce it’s stitching into the Arts district. As well as, placing sci-arc as the base of the “Arts District Triangle.”  

_”All roads, now, lead to Sci-Arc”

Moving south, to the third parcel, Sci- Arc required a retooling of its existing parking and placement of some new programs. The investigation with the Sci-arc parcel of “District 960” became an individual moment on the new site as a whole. It required a unique geometry for its odd shape and the ability to fit in through its independence. Re-using the concept of projected forces from the developer’s site, the sci-arc parcel was developed of striated volumes. These volumes separate and juncture to meet with adjacent forces of the community.  As well as, is embedded into the depressed parking structure and emerges, allowing it to pass between building and ground condition. This conceptually can invite the occupants onto the building.


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Status: School Project
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US


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