Guannan Chen

Guannan Chen

New York, NY, US

Ecological Learning Center
Ecological Learning Center
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Interplay with Nature(Degree Project)

The site faces two water ecologies --- rainwater coming down from drainage way of the hill and Mississippi river fluctuating constantly. The landscape design starts from playing with these two features and make them visible. Those wired shape ponds which mimic the landform of the drainage sustain rainwater as well as visulize water level change of the river since they are connected to the river underneath and have different depth. Landform between those ponds helps to guide water. Different plants grow on different elevation related to water level. The narrower part of the park which is close to the entrance accomodates program for visitors' activites, the left part is reserved for nature.

The building is an eco-learning center which is located between two parts of the park ( one part is for visitors' activities and another part is for nature). The qualities of the park form the basis for the design of the building. The building has a gesture of interwining with the landscape and it follows the softly undulating surrounding landscape. The building is built by light weight structure ( tensile structrue and wooden lattice shell) and replenishable material.

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Status: School Project
Location: Saint Louis, MO, US
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Grade A
Will be published in Approach 2011-2012 which is the school book published annually for best studio projects.

Ecological Park
Ecological Park

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