Konstantin Zlatev

Konstantin Zlatev

San Francisco, CA, US

view South from living area, level 2
view South from "living" area, level 2
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House # 2

House #2 is part of Mumdjidan project - to preserve and revitalize abandoned village high in the mountains of Southern Bulgaria.
The design is influenced by the austere minimalism of the life in the mountains  200 years ago, both as aesthetic and as a simplicity of daily interactions.
The house is a "tool" to dissect the everyday activities into well defined, "basic", simplified to the "bare bones" building blocks - food, sleep, work, meditation, hygiene.
Every designated area creates specific to its' activity atmosphere without being clearly separated from the rest of the house.
House # 2 is a temporary, "retreat" dwelling, intended for a single occupant.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Mumdjidan, Bulgaria

view West from living area, level 2
view West from "living" area, level 2
view toward bed, living area, level 2
view toward "bed", "living" area, level 2
view from bed South, living area, level 2
view from "bed" South, "living" area, level 2
the solitude corner, level 2
the "solitude corner", level 2
view to shower, kitchen, solitude corner, level 1
view to "shower", "kitchen", "solitude corner", level 1
view to shower, kitchen, level 1
view to "shower", "kitchen", level 1
 view East work area, level 2
view East "work" area, level 2
Floor plans and sections
Floor plans and sections